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Let’s Talk Turkey

November 28, 2011

Well I fell off the blogging bandwagon again.  And the folding clothes bandwagon…but I’m not making any attempts to get back on that one yet!

Over the past week I celebrated Thanksgiving twice.  First was the Sunday before Thanksgiving with my in-laws.  I brought along a spinach gratin.  It came out pretty well – a tad sweeter than I’d like.  It also used 5 boxes of frozen chopped spinach – that was a lot of squeezing to get the water out!  My in-laws loved it and a few other people liked it.  I knew the kids wouldn’t touch it, but it was really so I’d have something to eat in the absence of turkey (and stuffing and gravy).



IMG_8475 IMG_8479


Ended the evening with a slice of my Nutcracker Sweet Pie which is essentially a chocolate pecan pie.  Admittedly I could have cooked this longer.  It turned out so gooey!  Not a bad thing but it made it taste even richer than it is!

Thanksgiving with my family was a little different this year.  Instead of going up to my great-Aunt and Uncle’s farm we went to my Grandfather’s house and then went to a buffet.  I’ve never not had a homecooked meal on Thanksgiving before!  It was still tasty though!  To start: a salad and lots of fruit.


IMG_8530 IMG_8533

Yeah dinner was not so pretty.  Corn casserole, some crunchy pasta with alfredo, mashed potatoes, green beans, and roasted veggies.  Dessert though was where it was at!  I shared these desserts with my sister and dad and also ate some bites of other random desserts, yum!  I’m a sweets girl at heart.

I’m still planning on making a Thanksgiving dinner at home for Tim and I since I missed out on stuffing and mushroom gravy (two of the best parts of Thanksgiving if you ask me!) but that will have to wait a few days because Tim already has lots of leftovers!

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  1. December 4, 2011 8:10 am

    I’m glad you had two lovely Thanksgivings!
    All of the food looks really delicious 🙂
    Your Nutcracker Sweet Pie in particular looks amazing!
    And I get your feelings about eating out instead of home-cooked meal for special holiday meals, it always feels a bit odd. I refuse to be anywhere other than home for Christmas!

  2. Tim permalink
    December 9, 2011 2:39 pm

    Thanksgiving was great! I always feel bad that I have to work on holidays, but to have a family that works around that is wonderful!

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