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Halloween in the Dark

November 5, 2011

With our power out Monday morning I went to my parents’ house to shower before work.  After work I checked on the cats and high-tailed it out of our cold house back to my parents’.  Luckily they were having real food!  With our power out there were lots of meals consisting of carbs which can be found in the cupboard and leftover Halloween candy.  My mom made chili (sans chicken for me).


Next up was trick-or-treat for their neighborhood!  I snapped some great pictures of my sister’s friend and her in their costumes they’d made!


Cupcakes with a cherry on top!


They cracked me up!  I literally could not stop laughing when they were in their costumes!

I stayed over at their house Monday night but my crazy husband returned home and slept with the cats in our 49 degree house.  Luckily the power came back on Tuesday afternoon so after 72 hours without power I returned home from work to a warm house!  I’m very grateful for my heat, although I always wish I could turn it up more and more!

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