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How to Wear out the Kids and the Adults

October 28, 2011

Playing a little catch up here.  A couple weekends ago we went to see a dress rehearsal of my nieces’ cheerleading competition. 



So cute.  Afterwards Tim and I offered to take them to the huge park by our house and of course they said yes.

The. playground. is. huge.  They have tons of stuff I’ve never seen before, plus a cushioned ground which makes it a great place for running around and jumping off the equipment.  It is also mostly accessible to kids in wheelchairs.

IMG_7362 IMG_7396 IMG_7402 IMG_7543

We returned one tired giggly niece and one exhausted adventurous niece home to their parents who appreciated that we wore them out.  We were running out of energy ourselves after chasing the girls all over the playground.  We stopped for some Panera on the way home – a bit expensive but our standby restaurant when we’re out and need to stop somewhere.

IMG_7575 IMG_7635

Anybody else have an awesome playground like us?  This one is less than 2 years old but I think it is a great asset to the community.  There are always families using it – we even saw a birthday party there – good idea!  Last time we went a preschool was on a fun and inexpensive outing to the park.

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