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Rehearsal Dinner

September 27, 2011

I want to take a few posts to recap my wedding that was a year ago since it happened pre-blog and was obviously the BEST THING EVER.

Our wedding and our rehearsal were held at the Banana Factory in Bethlehem, PA.  The Banana Factory is an arts and education center that is home to artist studios, afterschool programs, a glassblowing studio, galleries and more.  It is definitely an organization and a cause we support and we felt good about supporting the Banana Factory and ArtsQuest over a chain hotel or banquet center.

We gathered at the Banana Factory on Friday evening to rehearse our wedding ceremony!  Something a worrier like me definitely needed!


Our wedding party, family, wedding officiant, and day of coordinator joined us to help us run through the ceremony.  Props to my friend Kendall’s husband who took all the pictures with my camera. You can probably tell this was pre-DSLR!


Hey look we fake did it!


The girls!  My (now) sister-in-law, me, my (little) sister, and friend Kendall; and then my (now) nieces in front!


Husband’s cousin, husband, and husband’s bro-in-law (now my BIL too).  How cute is the ribbon boutonniere Kendall made for Tim?

We were feeling pretty good afterwards!  We’d brought all our decorations and DIY projects with us so they’d be at the BF in the morning.  Our alcohol had also been dropped off even earlier in the week.  I’d gotten my nails done with some friends earlier in the day and had done all my last minute errands so we were pretty much set!

For our rehearsal dinner we headed over to Starters Riverport which is walking distance from the BF.  We got bumped out of the space we were supposed to be in because they double booked it (if I remember correctly) but they still set us up in our own section of the restaurant.

DSCN6400 DSCN6403

Honestly I put about zero thought into the rehearsal once we picked the space and the menu.  I made up a custom menu for our guests to choose from and that’s about it.  We had a mix of salads, burgers, sandwiches, etc. for our guests to choose from.  The food wasn’t a highlight of the night but it did the trick.  I think the highlight was my nieces dancing around like models with the little “clutches” (aka sparkly pencil cases they thought were purses) that we gave them as part of their gift.  After handing out said gifts to our family and friends we left the rehearsal and headed home to get some sleep before the main event!

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