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September Grilling

September 20, 2011

After my 5k on Sunday we hit up the farmer’s market and I went to the grocery store because we had big plans to grill!  I don’t know why people stop grilling in September, isn’t the cooler weather perfect for standing in front of the hot grill?


I decided to make my own veggie burgers since we weren’t having anything else complicated.  I used Daily Garnish’s recipe since I’d heard rave reviews.


This gorgeous mixture turned into these not so gorgeous patties!


Not to fear, they were delicious!  I left out the cayenne pepper she used and I added more chili powder.  Next time I might leave out the coriander and up the chili powder and cumin even more!  They held together well in the oven and I followed her directions to prebake before putting them on the grill.  I toasted them on the grill on top of a piece of foil just in case!  Veggie burgers are always falling apart but these held up pretty well!


Tim was having hot dogs so I got hot dog buns and just cut my veggie burger in half pretty much to fit it on the bun.  We also had grilled portabellas and onions, the last of the local corn, and a quick balsamic tomato salad with goat cheese.  We had a great time relaxing outside with dinner which we rarely get to do!  Honestly we rarely grill at all because by the time we make it home from our Sunday activities there’s no time.  Someday when he and I both work Monday-Friday during normal business hours we’ll grill more!  Anybody else out there still firing up the grill in September??

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  1. Ren! permalink
    September 22, 2011 9:00 pm

    My parents have always grilled year round. They’re like the postal service – not rain, or sleet, or snow can prevent them from grilling!

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