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Another Family Birthday

August 13, 2011

My little sister celebrated her 15th birthday last weekend!  On the day of her birthday we went to Wegmans for dinner.   I’m convinced Wegmans is the best place on earth and I feel bad for people that don’t have them nearby!  I had a little of everything – macaroni and cheese, some kind of Chinese tofu, mushrooms, apricot Israeli cous cous salad, and beets with a citrus glaze.



We of course needed cake!  We got a mini cake and split it at home, yum, Grandma Wegman bakes the best cakes! 🙂


The next day we had my sister’s “official” birthday dinner where she gets to pick the menu.  Dinner was maybe not the most photogenic, but it was yummy!  Enchiladas, waldorf salad, cucumber salad and spinach bread (a family staple on birthdays).


What dinner lacked in beauty, dessert made up for!  Fruit pizza!  We use a sugar cookie base, a cream cheese spread and then fruit!




Happy birthday Jill!

We made this other beautiful fruit pizza a few days later and I can’t let the photo go to waste so here it is! :)  Invite me to an end of summer picnic and I’ll bring this!


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  1. August 13, 2011 7:05 pm

    Happy birthday Jill 🙂
    Those fruit pizzas look delicious!

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