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Baltimore Part 3, the Final Act

July 25, 2011

I guess I should finish blogging about our weekend trip to Baltimore now that another whole week has passed!

Sunday morning Ruppert, Liane, Tim and I headed to their farmer’s market which I’ll just come right out and admit – I’m totally jealous of. 




I can see how the large market could be overwhelming so I do appreciate our tiny famer’s market in Emmaus.  What we lack in variety and volume we make up for in charm! :)  The Emmaus market is also very accessible for small farmers and business owners.

We grabbed breakfast at the market which was crepes for Tim and I!

IMG_4649 IMG_4653


Mine had egg, mozzarella, tomatoes, basis and onions and was delicious!  Afterwards we relaxed for another hour or so at our friends’ apartment before we hit the road for home.  We had such a great weekend with our friends and we’re already trying to plan another weekend together!  We never do things like that trip and I’m so glad we were able to take our friends up on their offer to host us!

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