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July 13, 2011

This past weekend I went for a 5 mile run.  Or maybe I should call it a 5 mile half run because I walked so much!  The heat and humidity was just too much!  When I got back I was ready to go and the household was still sleeping so I made breakfast to wake up the husband with and unleashed the cats!



We jokingly put on Sprout for our kitten Cooper to watch some Saturday morning cartoons and to our surprise he was enthralled by it!  He sat on the bed watching it for quite a long time considering his kitten attention span!

Once the husband was at work I decided it was time to do some kind of house project.  We’ve lived here over two years now and we’ve hardly done anything cosmetic wise!  We have a little enclosed porch on our second floor but it is kinda gross.  We never go in there and it is just a little cobwebby and the paint on the very old windows is flaking.  It has sat untouched since we moved in despite the old owner leaving a table and a hammock type chair.  I decided to take the table and paint it a crazy color!

IMG_4225 IMG_4229

Yay!  I didn’t get a smooth glossy finish so I’m going to have to go over it with a gloss but I couldn’t quite find what I wanted at Home Depot.  I’m not sure we plan on doing much else to the sunroom/catio (that’s Tim’s vision for it – a patio area catering to our cats) but this was a fun project for $3!

Afterwards I jumped on my parents offer of dinner at their house!


They got pizza from a local place we usually go to which has begun offering gluten-free pizza crust so my mom was able to enjoy pizza!  She ordered it with mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes and it was pretty good!  I thought the crust could be more well done or crisper and then it would be even better but I know they probably struggle with cooking them since they need to be done differently from their regular wheat crusts.  Overall my mom said she enjoyed the experience of eating pizza and we’re looking to try some other places in the area that now offer gluten-free crust (or maybe they all get them from the same supplier)!

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