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Birthday Picnic & Cream Cheese Brownies

July 4, 2011

Sunday morning I went for a 2 mile walk followed by a 2 mile run.  I probably could have run a little further but 1. it was so hot and muggy 2. my knees have been hurting and 3. I wanted to get home.  I figured I’d try and do a longer run in the evening later in the week so my knees could have a chance to rest.

On Sunday afternoon we did some birthday celebrating but this time not for me – for my high school friend Kendall’s husband Robert!  I should have gotten a picture of the two of them!

IMG_3697 IMG_3760


Kendall asked Robert what his 10 favorite foods were and then tried to make them all!  Brownies were on the list so I offered to bring those!  I made cream cheese brownies but I may have been better off making my regular brownies.  When I’m taking brownies for other people to eat I always worry about them being too gooey even though I like them a little bit gooey!  Consequently I overbaked these a little.  Or maybe the recipe was just cakier than I like.  Always remember (unlike me) that food continues to cook after you pull it out of the oven!


IMG_3689 IMG_3801

I tried to take some pictures of their dog Hudson as well while I was there.



My family stopped by to entertain our new cats for a little during the day so we were able to stay out late before returning home and crashing!  Happy birthday Robert!!!

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