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One Week Down

June 10, 2011

Well I made it through one very busy week at work considering I work part time!  It was stressful starting a job after many months of being jobless.  My work pants were stored in the basement and I had to dig up some work shirts, as well as pack my lunch, and get into the hang of getting up early.  That’s easier said than done when your husband works until 10:00 at night!  I always end up awake until at least 11:30.

Tuesday he did not work though so after I got home from work we headed to an Iron Pigs game with his company.  He had to attend a committee meeting in the company’s suite and then we were able to enjoy the game!  My food went unpictured but I snacked on some french fries and fruit as well as a brownie while everybody else enjoyed burgers, hot dogs and chicken fingers.  I had planned on buying something to eat but the fruit was so good and nobody else was even eating it!



I love these cinnamon roasted almonds and someone bought a bunch of the roasted nuts for our group – awesome!  I also love baseball games at night.  Something about the lights make the atmosphere a little more fun than a day game!


Yesterday after work I managed a long overdue visit with my old coworkers who I miss dearly and then took my sister to the farmer’s market and soccer try-outs before heading home.  I’ve got a long to-do list for today so I better get going!

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