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An Unusual Saturday

June 8, 2011

This week I actually did something on Saturday!  On a whim Friday night my friend Kendall and I decided to meet up Saturday in between our houses to go to a JC Penney outlet store (I was in the market for some summer tops for work).  Kendall’s friend Megan joined us as well (at some point I guess I could start calling her my friend too 😉 ) and after shopping we stopped for a coffee and then we drove the half hour to see Megan’s not-that-new-anymore house that we’d never seen before.

By the time I left there Tim was just about getting out of work because he worked during the day instead of at night on Saturday.  We decided it would be a good night to use a gift certificate I gave Tim for Christmas!  We headed to Robata’s which is a Japanese hibachi restaurant in Allentown.


I got a veggie sushi roll, avocado roll, inari, and a side salad because I love ginger dressing!  The hubs got shrimp and steak hibachi.



We were using our gift certificate which stipulated that you had to spend $40 to use the $25 certificate (which you buy for $10 or less) so we went ahead and got dessert despite the leftovers I was taking home!  We ordered the tempura ice cream with raspberry and chocolate sauce because I’ve always been curious about fried ice cream.  It was yummy!  I was expecting bigger scoops of ice cream but these were more like tablespoon size scoops.


There was nothing wrong with our food, but I’m still not sure I’d return.  We have a ton of hibachi places around here and Robata’s seemed run down compared to the rest with similar prices.  The service was also incredibly slow, albeit very friendly, despite it being a pretty empty restaurant on a Saturday night, plus we had called ahead and made a reservation.  Tim absolutely loved the experience and the food, but I think he’d enjoy that at another hibachi restaurant as well!  I think we’ll at least try another place before we return to this one!

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