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Memorial Day Prep

June 1, 2011

The hubs and I spent Sunday getting ready for having our families over the next day for a Memorial Day barbeque.  His dad helped him put in our much needed air conditioners (heat wave this week!) and we cleaned the house and prepped some of the food.

Mid-afternoon we headed to my friend Siobhan’s house for her family picnic.  I hardly took any pictures except of my food and the red velvet cupcakes Siobhan made!

IMG_2353  IMG_2359


I took a cupcake to go because at the time I just couldn’t resist making a strawberry brownie sundae!  And never fear – that was a soy chorizo sausage!

Afterwards we headed to Mayfair, a local arts festival in Allentown with bands, local artists selling their crafts, and an assortment of other activities.

IMG_2364   IMG_2374


How absolutely adorable is that root beer float stand?  Every year it makes me wish I liked root beer!  Overall I have to say we were a little disappointed.  We were given tickets, but for $5 admission it was a pretty slow night.  I couldn’t find any food worth spending money on – they seemed to be missing all their unique vendors this year!  I heard they had lighter attendance than last year but I can understand how that happened – when a friend asked who the big names playing this year were I couldn’t name them!  And even after I looked them up I didn’t know who they were.  I know I’m not the hippest person out there but I’ve heard of the really famous musicians!

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and then we crashed!  It was a long day, especially with the added heat!

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