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A New Arts Center for Bethlehem

May 29, 2011

I swear I haven’t spent the last week in Bethlehem, we actually did this a few weeks ago!

Recently the same organization that owned and organized the events in our wedding venue opened up a new arts space around the old Bethlehem Steel site.  I saw that there was a cool sculpture display and I’d never been so Tim and I headed over to check it out.  Most of the outside stuff is still under construction but the building is done.


It houses a movie theater, a few meeting and event spaces, a gift shop, and a few different spaces where they have art on the walls.  Outdoors there is a patio area as well as a few spaces in progress that will host acts for the huge music festival in Bethlehem – Musikfest.

We checked out the Electric Sculpture exhibit inside which was honestly a little underwhelming.  There were only four sculptures and they were in a a hallway basically.  I thought there would be more formal galleries.  Also the artist’s website shows the sculptures in the dark since they are electric, but seeing as they didn’t have their own space here they couldn’t turn off or dim the lights.  Nonetheless the sculptures were cool – a collaboration between a biologist and two artists.


But just seeing the space was the best part!  Looking up the spiral staircase…



Steel stacks in the background.  Off to the left there will be an outdoor ampitheater.  Tim says there will be shops somewhere too.  And they are having a farmer’s market during the week.  It is a little far to drive to get local produce and it is on Tuesday afternoons but I’ll probably check it out sometime!  It will be fun to return for a concert sometime!

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