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Running, Haircut and Farmer’s Markets

May 26, 2011

Today I met up with my friend for a quick workout at the gym.  I only did some of the weight machines because I’m trying to rest up my knees because my sister convinced me to sign up for the Miles for Coco 5k by the Coco Foundation on Saturday!


I’m the one that found the race and wanted to sign up but then was feeling unprepared.  Due to my lack of appropriate training and the heat wave we’ve got going on I see a lot of walking in my future.  It looks to be a well organized and fun event for a good cause either way!

I also got my hair cut in Bethlehem today at the same place I had it done for my wedding.  I was pleased to stumble upon the Bethlehem Farmer’s Market.  I picked up some lettuce and rhubarb from the only vendor selling produce!  I know it is early in the season so some vendors probably aren’t coming yet but there were four bakeries!  Odd for a farmer’s market :)  I managed to pass on the kettle corn which was hard!

I realized after posting about the coffee cake that lots of people aren’t familiar with rhubarb.  It is a long stalk that you dice up and make desserts with but it is sour!  Lots of people combine it with strawberries for strawberry rhubarb pie but I like the tart flavor on its own too.  I might make a rhubarb cobbler with this rhubarb, or I’ll freeze it for coffee cake another time!  I only have one piece left!


Here’s the rhubarb I bought today!  This is no art shot, haha, it was hard to get a picture since it was so long!

Tonight is the return of the only reality competition show I watch – So You Think You Can Dance!  I don’t watch American Idol or Biggest Loser or even Dancing with the Stars but I watch this one!  All the dancers are so talented it is like watching a performance every night!  I’m off to watch that and get some cleaning done!

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