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Law School Graduation Part 1 – The Food Mostly

May 19, 2011

There isn’t much going on here this week so let’s go back to last week!  Last Thursday I set off for Pittsburgh with my parents and sister to attend my brother’s graduation from Pitt’s law school.

We stopped at a Subway on the way and I got a veggie sub and we found a penny squishing machine which is one of my favorite things ever!  We squished a Punxatawny Phil penny.

IMG_1148 IMG_1152

Upon arriving in Pittsburgh we discovered that my mom had forgotten her pants at home so we somehow rushed out to a Macy’s that was open and successfully bought pants before they closed!  It was magic, I swear.  On the way back we stopped at Razzy Fresh, a frozen yogurt place that we’d spotted only a block from the hotel.  It had just opened and still had grand opening signs up – what luck!  It was self serve but I prefer the original tart to all the flavors so I got mostly original with a little tart mango and topped it with raspberries, coconut, and chocolate chips (my usual) plus a little kiwi and brownie bites.  So, so good, and I love self-serve!  It came in under $4 while at the froyo place near us it is not self-serve and costs $5.


Friday morning my sister and I went to the hotel gym which they described as limited.  I’d have to agree!  Still, I ran about a half mile and used the bike as well as a weight machine.  Afterwards we met up with my brother and aunt and uncle for breakfast at Pamela’s, a cute diner type restaurant with board games everywhere!  I ordered their famous strawberry hotcakes.

2 of our crepe hotcakes stuffed with fresh strawberries, brown sugar, sour cream and topped with whipped cream

IMG_1159 IMG_1162

They were good but my stomach was a little off so I couldn’t finish them (maybe from the early morning workout, or perhaps the few bites of Subway before working out which we had “refrigerated” in our ice bucket overnight).  We got dressed and ready for graduation and hung out in the law school for a little while because it was hot out!


(Photo missing my uncle who took the picture).  Next up, the graduate gowns up and graduates!

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