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Rest in Peace Zero

May 18, 2011
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A few weeks ago we found out that our kitty had lymphoma and we weren’t given a prognosis but she was acting perfectly normal before the vet’s visit.  On Sunday evening she took a turn for the worst, most likely suffering from a seizure, and we had to take her to the vet’s house so we could send her to a better place.  She was very uncomfortable and disoriented but only at the end and we are glad that we were home at the time and she wasn’t alone.  We only had the pleasure of being her proud parents for about two years but we (and I’m sure she) wouldn’t trade those years for anything.  I’m confident that those two years were the best of her life (certainly better than in the shelter she would have been sent to) and that she blossomed as an “only child.”  We adored her and she adored us right back.  I always said she was needy but I appreciated every time she stuck her little face in mine or insisted on sitting between me and the keyboard.  I miss my little buddy more than anything but looking at pictures of her still makes me smile.




Rest in peace baby girl, we love you always and forever.

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