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Mother’s Day

May 10, 2011

Mother’s day started off my favorite way – with my little girl Zero!  She usually pays no attention to my yogurt but on Sunday she wanted some!



She tried her best to clean the yogurt off all her whiskers but needed a little help from mommy.

After breakfast we headed over to my in-laws and then we all drove to pick up my husband’s grandmother in NJ and take her out to lunch.  We went to Charlie Brown’s which is a steakhouse.  We went last year so I knew what to expect.  This year I decided to forgo the pasta dish I got last year (the only vegetarian thing on the menu) and stick with the salad bar.  I only snapped a picture of my first plate but there was a second as well!


After visiting with Grandma and then at Tim’s parents’ house as well we headed over to see my mom.  They decided to do Thai take-out from Kow Thai in Allentown.  Despite their funky hours and not knowing when they’d be open, it all worked out.  I got the garlic seitan off their vegetarian menu.  I requested it vegan which they mention you can do on their menu.  I assume if you don’t request vegan then some of their dishes might have fish sauce or egg in it.  Instead of trying to figure out their definition of vegetarian I just went with vegan.


I ate about half of it and was able to enjoy the rest as leftovers – my favorite!  I also ate two little spring rolls that went unpictured.  Afterwards we went outside to learn how to use my parents’ reel mower which we were borrowing since ours unexpectedly broke.  We ended up shooting some baskets, throwing a frisbee, and tossing a baseball around before we headed inside for presents and chocolate mousse.

IMG_1023 IMG_1033


We came home afterwards and crashed!  I’ve been trying to wake up earlier (plus the sun coming in has been getting me up earlier) but I keep forgetting that also means I have to go to bed earlier!

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  1. Tim permalink
    May 11, 2011 1:25 am

    Kitty looks so cute with yogurt on her face.

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