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Soccer Filled Weeks

May 7, 2011

These past two weeks I went to a lot of soccer games!  My sister wrapped up her season with the high school JV team and she had one game with her travel team.




It was senior night and I thought these soccer player girl balloons were so cute!

Besides the game, going to my sister’s games has perks!  Like going to Wegmans for dinner!  I was super excited to walk into Wegmans last week and find out that they have finally labeled their Asian hot foods bar with vegetarian tags!  I got a spring roll (isn’t this an egg roll?), General Tso’s tofu, lo mein, mushrooms, and an Indian cauliflower curry.  I actually ate at Wegmans twice and it was almost identical except I skipped the spring/egg roll the second time.



When my sister and I were left to our own devices we got these black & white cookies and split them later :)  I’ve never had a traditional black & white cookie but these were very cake-like, is that how they all are?  One was chocolate and the other vanilla.

Now that my sister’s high school season is over (no playoffs for JV) I’m off the hook a little!  I guess that means I’ll have more time in the afternoon to apply for jobs and get outside and run!

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