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Reluctantly Trying New Things

May 2, 2011

I’ve been having a rough time lately because one of my favorite staple foods has been sold out at the grocery store! I’ve been eating Greek yogurt for a while now, but recently figured out that my brand of choice is Chobani.  Within the last month the rest of the world must have figured out that Chobani is the best too!  They’re sold out all the time and are seeing great success as they try and keep up with demand!  I used to almost strictly eat vanilla and I’d top it with fruit and granola.  Once and a while I’d venture into a pomegranate.  Lately I’ve discovered that their new lemon flavor is delicious!  I don’t usually like lemon but the lemon fits in so nicely with the tartness of Greek yogurt.  Last week when I was at the store and they were sold out of my flavors again, I decided to try some new ones.  I got black cherry, pineapple, and something else I can’t remember…maybe raspberry?  Holy yum, pineapple is delicious!


The pineapple taste isn’t too overpowering which I feared it would be.  Instead it just adds a nice sweetness to the yogurt, with tiny chunks of pineapple.

Bad news though…now the pineapple is always sold out too!  Luckily I scored some lemon a couple days ago and I’ll keep checking the store for more!

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