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Easter Prep

April 30, 2011

I’m so behind!  This has been a really busy week!  I say that every week though!  I think because I’m working on a desktop I can’t work while Tim and I watch TV at night or anything, and I’m usually busy during the day, so blogging gets pushed back until I’m home alone on a nice Saturday afternoon!

Saturday I went to my parents for some veggies (I had already eaten a quesadilla at home around 4:00) and egg dyeing!


For some reason we can’t just dunk the eggs into the dye and call it a day – we have to turn it into a big process.  Although we didn’t pull out the rubber bands, leaves, etc. this year!  Mostly just crayons.

IMG_0283 IMG_0284

IMG_0268 IMG_0299

IMG_0278 IMG_0160

IMG_0291 IMG_0266

(Mom’s Earth egg)           (Jill’s soccer egg)    

When I got home I set to work making red velvet cupcakes for Easter dessert and the dressing for a cold asparagus dish I was making.  I packed everything up as best I could and prepped the asparagus for blanching in the morning as well.  I wanted the morning to go as fast and easy as possible so that we could get out the door to our families!


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