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Taxing Weekend

April 22, 2011

Sunday and Monday our main task was to complete our taxes!  Once a procrastinator always a procrastinator!  But I always get it done!  :)  Sunday night’s dinner was an adventure in parenting…


She always sits next to us in the diner booth or on the back of the bench behind Tim but she was really craving this dinner!  (We did eat unpictured salad and zucchini!)

After mailing our taxes and some errands on Monday we both got to go to Jill’s soccer game which they won again!  Then it was quesadilla night!  I always have black beans and frozen corn on hand so that’s what usually goes into our quesadillas but I’ve thrown other leftover veggies in too!  Salsa and sour cream are a must for our quesadilla nights as well.


We followed dinner with a walk outside to see the International Space Station go over us.  I thought it would look just like a plane, and it does in the picture, but it was bright and is farther away than a plane, as my husband reminded  me. :)  It is not pictured in the second image, I’m just digging how these shots I took in the dark look!  They make it look like dusk.



Of course it wouldn’t be a Monday if we weren’t watching a movie!  We rented 127 Hours from Blockbuster Express and it terrified me!  For a movie about being stuck in one place it was really interesting and well shot though and I would definitely recommend it.  We watched I Love You Phillip Morris the night before and once again I picked a comedy that wasn’t exactly funny.  I wouldn’t not recommend it, especially if you’re watching as many movies as we are and are running out of options, but it wasn’t one of my favorite picks.  I’ve never been a big Jim Carey fan though and he was the main character – so if you’re into him it might go over better!

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