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Sweltering Spring Day

April 16, 2011

Unlike the rest of the week, Monday’s high was 81 degrees and I saw that it actually got up to 84 degrees, tying the record high!  After some work around the house Tim and I headed out to the Ironton Rail Trail.  They have a 10k race there (among other races) every year but I was never quite sure where it was.  There is a 5.5 mile loop and we parked a little farther away from the loop so I’m thinking we walked about 7 miles.  I meant to take my Garmin but totally forgot.



It was hot!  The water we brought along got warm probably a mile into the trail – whoops!  Ice next time!  Actually I’m not sure there will be a next time – the trail was a little long for my hubs.  Perhaps we’ll go back sometime and not walk the loop – only the spur.  Honestly the views on the loop aren’t that great – since it is a rail to trail path it is very industrial and when it isn’t run down buildings and parking lots it was people’s backyards.  It seemed like a great place to bike though – we got lapped by many many bikers!



I had plans to make dinner but by the time we left the trail at 7:00 sweaty and tired the idea of eating out sounded so good even though we’ve been trying so hard not to spend money.  Panera was on the way home and sounded great!  I got my usual Fuji apple chicken salad without the chicken and this time I got 1/2 macaroni and cheese.


We were pooped after our day in the heat which was perfect because we stopped to pick up a Blockbuster Express movie with the free code they text on Mondays.  We got Love and Other Drugs which I knew nothing about except that I’d heard positive reviews.  It was pretty good!  Much better than Due Date which we saw last week!

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  1. April 17, 2011 2:22 pm

    I didn’t know you went to this place and I also don’t know where it is, but I wanna go!

    • April 18, 2011 11:49 am

      I haven’t seen you since we went! We can go sometime – Tim says he is never going back unless it is on a bike!

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