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Dad’s Birthday

April 14, 2011

I feel like I am always celebrating someone’s birthday now that I’m married!  This time around it was my dad’s though.  After a run/walk in the Lehigh Parkway Sunday morning I headed over to my parents’ house to help my sister make dessert.   For dinner we went to Liu’s House which I want to call a new restaurant but I think it has been there more than a couple years now!  It is on Tilghman street right by Wegmans in a little strip.  I had been with my parents before on a Friday or Saturday night and it was packed plus a lot of people were picking up takeout.  It wasn’t as busy this time since it was a Sunday evening but there were a good number of people dining in.  I ordered a garden/side salad because I love ginger dressing!  I was impressed with the size when it arrived.


I also ordered a vegetable roll and a sweet potato tempura roll.  Both were delicious!  The sweet potato was warm which was something I’m not used to with sushi.  The vegetable roll had a little bit of this marinated gourd (kanpyo I think) that I used to get in a roll by itself in DC – so good!



After dinner we went back to my parents house for chocolate cheesecake (gluten-free) with homemade whipped cream and presents!  My dad requested “consumables” this year so I got him some dips and snacks and a bacon chocolate bar.  I’m anxious to see if he enjoys that!



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