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Gym Routine

March 24, 2011

Isn’t this a healthy living blog?  Do I ever work out?  I realized that lately this has looked more like a food blog!  I do work out regularly but my routine is really boring!

About a year ago my friend and I signed up for Planet Fitness when they were running a $1 sign-up fee, $10 a month, no commitment promotion.  We figured we’d try it out for a month and even if we quit after that $11 was cheaper than going out for coffee every week!  While I was working we headed to the gym two times a week together and once on our own since our schedules didn’t match up.  Now that I’m not working I’m usually able to go three days a week with her.  The reason I don’t normally blog about going to the gym is because it is really boring!  We usually alternate between using the upper body and the lower body machines each day we’re there.  After strength training we do either the arc trainer, elliptical, or treadmill for about 45 minutes.


(Source) (Not my actual Planet Fitness)

Lately I’ve strictly been using the treadmill if I can’t get an outdoor run in because my knees have been giving me problems.  I’m not sure why they’ve been difficult lately since I’ve been in this routine for a year and none of the machines bothered me before!

Planet Fitness is a great place for beginners.  I love the low price more than anything!  They don’t offer classes and are a pretty bare bones gym though.  I’m hoping to get started at another gym in the future to mix up my workouts with different machines and maybe a class or two!

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