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Busy Sunday

March 16, 2011

Sunday was supposed to be a relatively warm and nice day so my gym buddy and I took our workout outside for the first time this Spring.  As it turns out it was windy and cold, plus the recent flooding from rain caused the river to leave a nice layer of mud on top of the gravel path and some sizeable puddles!  Instead of running we would up walking about two miles and I ran a mile at the end.  I was absolutely dying too!  Not sure if I’m completely out of running shape or if it was the cold air which was definitely bothering my lungs.  Doesn’t it look dismal?


Afterwards I accompanied my friend on an errand and when I returned home I found that we had no food!  I wanted an egg salad sandwich but we were out of bread, I wanted a smoothie but we had no ice, etc.  I found these veggie egg rolls in the freezer and they were delicious!


Once I ran to the store and came home my ice was done freezing and I was ready to make a smoothie!  I tried to make a combo of the Cherry Chocolate Bomb smoothie that people have been making for a while now and a green smoothie with spinach in it.  I used a little packet of Chocolate Amazing Grass and I added in a little bit of cocoa powder too.  In the end my smoothie was a little powdery so I added some extra yogurt and frozen cherries.  I wasn’t getting the taste of the cherries as much as the banana and chocolate so maybe next time I should follow directions better! :)  It was good, but not something I’d repeat exactly the same way.


For dinner Tim dragged me to a new restaurant in Allentown.  We don’t eat out much at all because of our budget but when we do we try to keep it local!  We were excited that Allentown Brew Works opened up Burrito Works and Coffee Works next door to them!  They don’t have a web presence for these new places, but when we showed up we found that it is just like Chipotle (cilantro-lime rice anyone?)!  I got a vegetarian burrito (which they mix up before they fold it!) and Tim got tacos.




Okay truth be told, I wanted to LOVE it, but I’m a Cali Burrito girl at heart.  The black beans in the burrito were so salty, but other than that the ingredients were good, the whole package just wasn’t as good as I was hoping.  Cali Burrito has a few things going for it – they have a roasted vegetable or a smoked tofu burrito (a true veggie burrito, not just an absence-of-meat burrito), most of their meals come with homemade chips, and their serve-yourself salsa bar!

We finished off our decadent night splitting a treat my friend had gotten for me on our errand.  A peanut-butter bomb from Vegan Treats!


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  1. Tim permalink
    March 21, 2011 1:19 am

    that peanut butter bomb was soo good!

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