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An Icy Day

March 2, 2011

Sunday started with some bagels as we fueled up for our day!

IMG_8655 (Large)

Then we were off to Crystal Cabin Fever!


Crystal Cabin Fever is a big ice display in the Poconos.  It was about an hour and forty minute drive for us.  What we spent on gas we saved through Groupon though!  We bought our tickets 1/2 price a few weeks ago.  This year’s theme was the Wild Wild West!  Cute…though not sure that lends itself to ice 🙂





Afterwards we stopped at the outlets in Tannersville since we were passing through, but didn’t purchase anything.  Then we stopped at Olive Garden in Easton since we had a gift card.



I ordered the mushroom ravioli which normally comes in a sun-dried tomato cream sauce but I asked for it with plain alfredo sauce.  I was charged $1.60 for this substitution which seems unfair considering it was already in a cream sauce!  Next time I’ll stick to eggplant parmesan!


We ended dinner with these tiny “dolcini” desserts (smaller than they appear in this picture).  We both chose the chocolate mousse one and thought it was a perfect size to satisfy our want for dessert but not overwhelm us.  Afterwards we of course got a movie from Redbox!  This time it wasn’t free but it was $0.33 using one of our Groupon codes.  We picked up Welcome to the Rileys and ended up both liking it!  I feel like we packed a lot of fun into our Sunday, which is a good way to start the week since we usually end up running errands on Monday!

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  1. Tim permalink
    March 4, 2011 5:48 am

    You forgot to mention how wet our butts were going down the slide.

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