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Weekend Eats

March 1, 2011
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Thursday night I made this recipe for corn chowder at my parent’s house.   I cut back on the cayenne pepper but did add some chili powder also and it was plenty spicy.  It got mixed reviews from the family.  I thought it was good as a side dish but not so great that I’d want to have it be all I ate for dinner.

I don’t have any pictures from Friday.  I skipped the gym and picked up my Mom in the morning, went to my grandparent’s house, picked them up and took them to a surgery center so my grandmother could get a test done.  It was quite the affair with my mom on crutches, my grandmother on oxygen, and my grandfather doing things his way!  We stopped on our way back to my grandparent’s house at a diner for dinner (at 3:30).

Saturday was the usual lately.  Take Jill to dance, pick her up and go to Wegmans, then back to my parent’s to have lunch, do some errands and make dinner.

While it may look like the star of this lunch was the sushi, it was actually the cinnamon raisin bread with homemade honey pecan cream cheese!  We had a sample at Wegmans and were totally hooked!  We looked at the cream cheese ingredients and decided we could make our own at home though. (And yes, that’s a monster plate!)

Dinner was pretty standard.  A Morningstar Farms Italian Chick’n Patty, sweet potato fries, and broccoflower which we roasted and all thought was good!  Because they’re so processed, I try and only eat these meat substitutes when I’m out at my parent’s house and they’re having meat.  I eat them at home but usually only as a "treat" like in those egg sandwiches that I love!

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  1. Tim permalink
    March 2, 2011 5:10 am

    I love the monster plate!!!

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