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Broken Oven

February 24, 2011
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Sunday morning I went to the gym as usual and then Tim was at work all day.  I decided to make some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and while I was pre-heating the oven it broke!  It was sparking and such inside on the bottom element and I was worried I started a fire but it went away when I turned the oven off.  Left with a huge batch of cookie dough and no oven I did what any addict would do – make them in the toaster oven!  Somewhere in that whole mess I accidentally added whole purpose flour, but then I added an additional 1/2-3/4 cups whole wheat flour.  So I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, but they did turn out great and I’ll make them again with all whole wheat!  I had a couple friends over right after my fiasco and they said the cookies were good, even made in the toaster oven, ha.  I baked the rest of them on Tuesday at my parents’ house.

Faced with no oven on Monday I found this Peanut Sesame Noodle recipe for dinner.  I used soba noodles and decreased the peppers and added snow peas, carrot, and cucumber.  I sprinkled some cilantro on top too.  Oh, and I used rice wine vinegar instead of red wine vinegar.  Okay that makes it sound like I changed a lot but I really just added some veggies!

I had never used soba noodles before and didn’t realize they had such a short cooking time.  I definitely overcooked them so they were kind of mushy.  Also, this dish was so spicy!  I will cut the red pepper flakes in half or just sprinkle a little in next time!  Other than the heat, Tim and I both liked this recipe (enough to soldier on through the pain!) and I’ll definitely save it!

We finished off our weekend with the movie For Colored Girls which we of course got for free with a code! 🙂  Truthfully we could hardly agree on a movie but chose this one since it was being advertised so heavily by Blockbuster Express and RedBox.  I thought it was pretty good, sometimes the poems added depth to the scene and sometimes they seemed so contrived though.

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  1. Jill permalink
    March 2, 2011 2:02 am

    Those cookies look really good!

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