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A Week of Photos

February 22, 2011

This week was pretty typical for me lately.  I packed lunch for Tim in the morning

then ate some Valentine’s Day candy…and fruit!  These are my new cupcake dishes that I got for Valentine’s Day!

After Tim left for work I headed over to my parent’s house mostly to drive my sister around and do some errands for my mom.  At my parent’s house on Wednesday we got pizza.  It was the first time we got pizza/takeout type food since my mom broke her ankle which we thought was pretty good!  This is my favorite, a white pizza with broccoli, spinach, and tomatoes.  I had half a slice of plain too because I love that too!

Friday was so warm and nice!  I took Jill to a soccer training at the high school (this is the back where I was parked).

Afterwards we were off to my favorite place on earth (no really, I researched whether I could get married here…the answer was no) to pick up some ingredients for dinner!

I made twice baked potatoes and sugar snap peas and my mom baked some chicken for the family.  I had a Morningstar patty.  I think this was the new Asian veggie one and I wasn’t really a fan.  I normally tell new vegetarians you can’t go wrong with Morningstar, but I’d skip this flavor!

After dinner we decided to go out for ice cream even though the temperature was already dropping and it was windy!  We thought it would be a nice outing for my mom who has been cooped up inside for three weeks!  We went to The Inside Scoop which is a really cute 50’s style ice cream shop.  I got the “Atomic Freeze” where they mix any of their flavors with a topping to turn it into soft serve.  A good ending to the week!

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