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Love is Sweet

February 16, 2011

Monday morning we straightened the house before a friend stopped by during his work day to see the house.  Then we exchanged Valentine’s Day gifts.  I think we successfully didn’t go overboard this year!  Just a little bit on the candy, which I think we’ll be able to handle!

LOL at Zero’s tail on the left of this picture!

We hit the road after that and stopped by my mother-in-law’s house to visit before going to my sister’s last basketball game which was only a few minutes from there.

(The one shooting – and making – the foul shot).

We stopped at our niece’s house to give them a Valentine and some Hello Kitty pencils  (been trying to stay away from candy) and Silly Bands (shh…they were leftover from our wedding Kid’s activity buckets).  Then we headed to a very romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant…Cali Burrito!  I always get the roasted vegetable burrito and Tim has been getting tacos lately.

We finished off our night on the couch with Kitty and another free Redbox movie – Grownups.  It was a lot funnier than I was expecting!  I don’t really like what I call “stupid humor” which is usually potty humor, etc. but this movie had kids in it (so less of that), plus a packed cast, which made it pretty good!  This is our fourth Redbox movie in the last couple weeks; anybody else been taking advantage of their great deals?

All in all a great first Valentine’s Day as a married couple!

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