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Sunday Supper

February 15, 2011

Sunday the husband and I both had some Valentine’s Day and regular errands to run but we got home in time to cook dinner.  I used this recipe from Whole Foods for eggplant parmesan.  It was basically what I normally do (except I don’t slice my eggplant lengthwise) but sometimes I like a little affirmation from a recipe 🙂  Next time I will probably just slice the eggplant into medallions like I usually do and start the dish off in the oven with foil over it so that the eggplant cooks a little more.  I always have problems with my oven though, so it may just be me!  My cookies always take the recommended amount of time but savory dishes always take forever!  I took the opportunity while the oven was on to roast some cauliflower which is easily one of our favorite side dishes.

I conned the husband into washing the dishes while we snacked on this Pocky we’ve had for a while and kitty and I had a photoshoot!  Afterwards we watched Precious which I’ve been wanting to see since it came out.  We never go to the movies but we’re really benefiting from Redbox and their free rental codes!

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